2 April 2016

♡ LBM 2016 ♡

Annyeong! ♡

This year, my friend Aileen and I decided to go on as many conventions as possible! So on Saturday the 19th of march, we went to the book fair in Leipzig. I actually didn't take any pictures of the book fair or of any cosplayer there, but I have some pictures to show you! But let's do that later.

Aileen and I planned to start out trip at 7 in the morning.....which didn't work out as planned.
We both got ready and both of us had some struggles. I couldn't prepare a cosplay on time, sadly, so I decided to go in my totoro kigurumi. The outfit wasn't a big problem for me, but somehow I had my struggles with my eyeliner? I usually never have much problems with my make up but on that morning, my left eye decided to let out some tears for no proper reason at all and I couldn't draw a neat line. It literally took me 20 minutes to  finish my left eye make up. wth.
Aileen on the other hand prepared a cosplay. She cosplayed Ahri (foxfire version? don't ask me I don't know anything about League of legends) and even did the tails herself. It turned out later that these tails would be an annoying problem during the whole day. She also struggled with her make up and somehow couldn't draw neat whiskers on her face at first. (what was going on with our make up skills on that day?!)
I left home at 7 and arrived at her place at 8. (See how great we sticked to our plan?)
20 minutes later we left (that damn girl hadn't packed her stuff together, ugh.) and went to her local bank to get some money. That was her first embarrasing moment of the day. I had a good laugh tho.
Then we FINALLY went on our trip to leipzig. Over an hour later than planned. *facepalm*
On our adventurous trip we drove past our exit on the stuck in traffic jams....BUT! we arrived safely! :D
Only to get lost again. Seriously, that building was huuuge! I think we've walked through the whole bookfair until we arrived at the hall where the manga comic con took place. Also, I had to help Aileen with her tails and it took us about 20 minutes until she was satisfied with the way she looked.
So we squeezed our way through the crowd and took a look on every booth we could get close to. After a while we were pretty annoyed by the amount of people so we decided to go outside for a bit (--well, Aileen needed a reunion with her cigarettes....), which was a great opportunity for me to take some pictures!

Someone needed to touch me with her tails....

As you can properly tell, I've bought myself another plushie. This time I've bought a white/pink nemuneko. And yeah, Aileen bought a charmander, but that's pretty obvious I guess.
That's also not the only thing that I bought! I just can't resist asian snacks.....

 ...and these cute emoticon masks.

Tbh I really like that melon soda! Kinda surprising, because I actually don't like melons that much. And heeeell yes, Pockys! These are thai pockys because they were cheaper than the japanese ones. *cries*
Um yeah, that's actually all? I still have to solve my problem with the dokomi tickets today aaaaand I should start ordering cosplay stuff. Yushh! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و 

See you soon! ♡


  1. You both look so cute <3 and calpis soda omg *_*

    1. Arigatooo! ♡ Diese Calpis soda schmeckt irgendwie nach Sprite, meiner Meinung nach :D