7 February 2016

♡ I guess I'm addicted... - Lush Haul #2 ♡

Annyeong! ♡

Guess who went cray cray in a lush store?
I'm not gonna lie, I went inside, grabbed a basket and saw that a lot of stuff was reduced to 50% because they threw out all the christmas stuff (and stuff that wouldn't last very long anymore) - yes, my basket filled itself very quickly.  My poor wallet....
To be honest I went to lush twice within 2 weeks, one time in between christmas and new years and then a second time one week after new years. I have now a big bag with lush stuff in my bedroom. yisss.
But I guess I should stop talking and show you what I got!

Creamy Candy (bubble bath) x 2
Okay, this time I really tried to buy as much bubble bath as I can. You'll see this later on. This one smells really sweet like cotton candy, I would say very vanilla-sugaryish. Well that's obvious, because one of the main ingredients is vanilla (duh) - the two other main ingredients are cocoa butter and almond oil. Definitely suits the name.

Candy Mountain (bubble bath) x 2
This one smells like cotton candy as well, but it smells slightly different than the creamy candy one. The main ingredient here is vanilla too, but this one has a lot of shimmer and glitter in it - as you can see, probably. Oh and yes, that's a bubble bath as well.

the Comforter (bubble bath) x1
It's one big piece and it's pink, I couldn't resist. This bubble bath doesn't smell like cotton candy (what a surprise), but it has a really pleasent smell. (I'm still not good in describing smells) The main aromas in this big boy are cassis and cypress. The sticker says you can use it up to 2 or 3 times, but I'm really tempted to throw this whole thing into my bath next time, tbh.

Star dust (bath bomb) x 2
Oh dear, finally a bath bomb! Although it's not a bomb.....okay, a bath star then? Whatever.
The description says that this one is one of a fizzy kind, and heck, a shimmery too. (this shit is now everywhere on my hands, geez) This one has the aromas of peruvian rosewood (whoa going very exotic over here) and vanilla. again.
Don't judge me, I think I liked vanilla a lot on that day.

So white (bath bomb) x 1
Now this is a proper bath bomb! This is a fizzy one as well. It smells kinda 'fresh' to me and it reminds me of....freshly washed clothes? Don't call me a weirdo, I like that smell. The description says that it smells like apples, roses and bergamots. Somehow I don't really smell any apples in it. Still smells good though.

Unicorn horn (bubble bath) x 1
So this magical horn has a sweet yet pleasent smell. I'm very excited to try this one out, it's been kinda hyped, well at least a lot of people around me love this one. Even the woman that sold it to me got excited when we talked about it, she said it really calms you down when you use it. I still have that on my mind dear saleswoman, hopefully you're right!
In the ingredients are lavender oil (which I smelled right away), ylang ylang oil, neroli oil and a lot of shimmery stuff. Sounds good to me.

Shoot for the stars (bath bomb) x 1
Okay, now we're getting a bit spacey on here. I wanted to try out some fun bath bombs and this one looked nice to me. It says that it should smell like honey, orange and bergamot. I don't know if it really does smell like that, but the smell is nice. And there supposed to be a shit ton of shimmer in it.
I think I gonna be shimmering for a while after I used this one....

Intergalactic (bath bomb) x 1
Okay if this isn't literally the incarnation of space then I don't know anymore. I looked at it and just had to think of the nyan cat.... don't ask me! This one has a lot of shimmer in it as well and it says in the ingredients that it contains peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, vetiver oil (?) and cedarwood oil. Pretty interesting combination if you ask me! It does smell interesting, too. In a good way, don't get me wrong. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought it, would I?
Can't wait to try this one out, I'm sure I'm gonna hum the nyan cat melody while bathing hahaha.


I hope you enjoyed snooping around in my lush collection, I can tell you my bedroom smells like heaven. Kinda don't wanna use everything because I don't want to loose that smell ;A;
BUT! Work is so shit lately so I need a lot of relaxing time. Guess I should use my bath instead of my shower more often. :D

See you soon! ♡

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