30 December 2015

♡ My black friday order! ♡

Helloooo everyone! ♡

Yes I know I'm hella late to the party. Everyone's already uploading their "what I got for christmas" stuff and here I am, running late for my black friday order. But you know, I won't be doing a christmas related blogpost because I got only money....which I'll be spending later today in a huge shopping spree. #livingthelife
Okay. I actually spend all day on that friday looking through internet shops and thinking of what I could order. I'm a very picky person (very stingy too) so I didn't found a lot that was either my taste or cheap enough. Good thing I remembered that a girl I follow on instagram found a very cute bow shop!
It's called Ohmybows and all the bows there are handmade and cheap as well! I really had the urge to buy something girly again, I mean bows look great on long hair and maybe they would motivate me to put a bit more effort into my hair styling. (still waiting for the motivation tbh)
Most of the bows in the shop cost under $4, only bows with popular designs (like gudetama, disney, mario etc) and bows, where the production effort is a bit higher, cost a bit more, but they're always under $6! They sell sets with many bows of one collection as well! Seriously, this shop is like bow heaven.
I ordered 5 bows and had 30% off thanks to the black friday code, but that's not all! They also gave you a free bow with every $5 you've spent! The extra bows were choosen randomly, but that wasn't a bad thing because all bows of the shop are super cute. So I had a litlle surprise as well, hehe ♡
I guess you finally want to see them now, right? Alrighty then!

Let's begin with the packaging! The order came in a pink envelope (of which I can't find the pictures of) and in the envelope was this! The bows were wrapped in this mint green paper to protect them from any harm. There was also this business card with another discount code for a new order! That's how you get long time customers, kids.

And here we have the five bows that I ordered! I could use them as decoration as well, they're so pretty! ♡

The first one! This one has a cream white colour, I thought it would be good for rather classy occasions. I bet this one makes every hairstyle look elegant!

Next - the pastel mint one. I love mint, the colour is so soft and yet so fun and quirky! I think I'm gonna wear this one during summer, it would fit my mint coloured dress perfectly! ♡

Next - the danisnotonfire bedsheets checkered one! To be honest I have no idea to what kind of outfit this one would look good to. But I liked it a lot when I first saw it! I guess I bought it impulsively.

Next - MY FAVOURITE. LOOK AT THIS. LOOK. CHIBI GHIBLI. SO CUTE. a Ghibli lover, I couldn't resist.

Last but not least - this bright pink bow! This is actually a bow from the flower collection, the fabric has a hydrangea design! I couldn't decide between this one and a bow with a rose design at first, but the rose bow had a soft pastel pink colour and I thought a brighter colour would be better, since the rest of the bows I ordered are rather "soft coloured". This one's also the biggest out of these five!

Okay. These were the five that I ordered. But like I mentioned earlier, I got free bows with every $5 that I spent. If I remember correctly, this only counts for the price of your order, shipping excluded. I paid $12.25 for the bows, so I got 2 for free! All in all with shipping I paid $18.25 (with shipping I would've gotten 3 ;A;) Now, let me show you the two extra ones! ♡

Here they are!

First extra - SUNFLOWERS! ♡ I guess I'm quite lucky to get another flower bow, huh? I think I'm gonna wear this one during the end of summer and autumn! I think the bow is only seasonally appropriate then, I mean I don't feel good about wearing it during winter....?

Last extra - Green. Is it yellow-green? Lime green? Lawn green? Dunno, maybe a mysterious green. I only know that green isn't really my colour, it doesn't suit me very well. I don't have any green clothes (I think??) so I have no clue how to combine this one here.

Yup, that's already it! I hope you love these bows as much as I do ♡
This season is horrible for my motivation, I have 2 blogentries left to prepare, but I'm killing my time with other things. I'm just a lazy ass. Sorry.

See you soon! ♡


  1. The bows are really really cute ;_; <3

    1. kannst dir auch gerne mal eine ausleihen wenn du magst ♥