25 June 2015

♡ Taobao haul & my experience with Taobaospree ♡


You can already read it in the title, yes, I ordered some stuff from taobao. And I had some help with that of course, since I'm european/german and logically can't speak nor read chinese at all. (tbh I already was very confused while picking the stuff that I wanted, it took me some days to find everything) But before I talk about the agency Taobaospree, I'm sure you want to see the stuff first, right? 

Just let me warn you, this entry contains a lot of pictures and a very detailed experience report about Taobaospree.

Then let's start with the package itself first, okay?

I got back home from work and found this huge baby standing in my living room. I immediately transformed into a small kid that could finally open his christmas present, good thing I already had the camera in my living room hahahaha....

I opened it and saw this. Yes, they really used every space they had....

 And here is the content out of the package. Let's start with the small things first, yeah?

 Alright, the first bag contained a lot of things.

 5 wig stands
I'm proud of myself that I had the idea to order some wig stands, because I had just thrown my other wigs into a big box before. Yes I know, shame on me. 

 wig comb can guess that I had some trouble combing my wigs before, since I only threw them around...

3 heart choker
I saw them, they were cheap and cute, that's all. Do I need to say more?

studded choker
to be honest, I was looking for a birthday present for my lovely friend Aileen and came across this cute little thingy. I immediately thought "this is perfect" but I had to admit that I really like this choker as well, that's why I bought two of them.....friendship choker! :D

hair ruler thingy
I thought this might be a good idea to order this, because I'm sick of running to the hairdresser every two months to get my bangs cut. You can use this ruler to cut your bangs yourself at home, but I haven't tried it out yet, tbh

Okay, next bag!

 This bag contained 3 wigs, 2 hats and 2 hairclips~

2 cat ear hats
If I'm not wrong, I actually had the chance to buy one of these hats, because they sold them in a store in my city some time ago. I don't know why I didn't buy one of these then, but ayy now I have two of them. They're just slightly small....or maybe my head is just too big.

2 cherry hair clips
I actually saw these hair clips on a wig that I ordered and I fell in love with them.
I had to get these too, don't judge me.

short, grey-purple coloured wig
 THIS ONE. PURE PERFECTION. I wanted a short wig for some time now, I'm so happy that I ordered this one. It's so cute and fluffy and bouncy and HNNNGGG

 brown wig with pink dip dye
 This wig looked sooo good online, but I don't quite like the parting and the front, the hair always falls into my face (or rather into my eyes) and it looks quite odd and very fake. Disappointing.

long pink, curly wig
This wig is very cute! I have to say it looked a bit more 'blonde' online and not this pink, but I like this one anyway. I'm still unsure what to do with the bangs, maybe I leave them this long and only pin them to side...

And now to the bigger bags!

Pikachu kigurumi
FINALLY IT'S MINE. I wanted to own this kigurumi for years now, I'm so happy!~

and yes, it does have a tail.

Rilakkuma kigurumi
 I couldn't resist, I saw this kigurumi on my pen pal and it looked so cute on her, I had to get it, too.

pink unicorn kigurumi
okay, I may have gone overboard and ordered too much, but this one is hella cute as well. You can't deny that. Fun fact: my dad was the first to wear this one.

Totoro kigurumi
my favourite of all four kigurumis ♡ I mean come on, it's totoro! it's kind of a must have huehuehue♡

and to be honest, I think it suits me~


Alriiiight, that's all! Now let's begin with my experience with Taobaospree!

How did I come across Taobaospree?
Well, at first I thought I could order from Taobao on my own, but that idea was quite foolish. Basically I kinda cried for help on twitter and my friend recommended me Taobaospree.  I thought I could give them a try, they shouldn't be bad because otherwise my friend wouldn't have recommended me them~ yes I do trust my friends opinions.

Here's the detailed ordering process~
Tuesday, 12th may
I finally filled out the order list and emailed TBS, where I asked them if they could estimate the shipping costs to germany first before they begin to order everything for me.

Thursday, 14th may
Got a reply from Ray, he told me that he's going to take care of my order. He kindly explained everything to me regarding the payment and other important matters. I noticed that his english isn't perfect, but for me it's totally fine, it's still good enough to understand everything. He also told me that he already looked through my order list and asked me some questions about it, he pointed out as well that he couldn't order the hair ruler thingy (I chose a set with scissors at first) because it wouldn't go through the customs.

Same day
I replied and answered his questions, replaced that bang cut kit with another link where they only sold the ruler

Friday, 15th may
Ray told me that this replacement isn't in stock

Sunday, 17th may
I mailed him another product link as a replacement

Monday, 18th may
Ray told me that this replacement isn't in stock as well

Same day
I mailed him another product link. (At that point I felt bad and also sorry for Ray, he had to be very patient just because of me ;A;)

Tuesday, 19th may
Ray answered and told me that this item is in stock. (Finally! :D)
He asked me what colour he should order.
Same day
I replied and answered his question.

Same day
Ray confirmed my order and told me that I could do the first payment if I'm happy with everything and don't want to add anything.

Same day
I paid the first payment, emailed him and send him a screenshot of my payment, just in case.

Wednesday, 20th may
Ray thanked me for the payment and told me that he already ordered everything. He said that he would contact me when everything arrived.

Wednesday, 27th may
Ray mailed me and told me that everything arrived! He asked me again if I want to add anything to the order and if not, if he could take pictures of everything and give me another quote for the shipping costs.

Same day,
I answered and told him that I don't want to add anything and that it would be great if he would take some pictures of my stuff and give me another quote.

Thursday, 28th may
Ray mailed me the link and password to the photo album. He told me the new shipping price, which hit me hard, because this time it was twice as high as his first estimation. He asked me if he could send me the invoice if everything's okay.

Monday, 1st june
I asked him why the shipping costs are twice as high than before and asked some other things.

Same day,
Ray explained why it was more expensive, to keep it short, it was because of the weight of my stuff.

Wednesday, 3rd june
Ray send me the invoice

Same day,
I paid everything and thanked for all his effort.

Thursday, 4th june
He thanked me as well and told me that he would send out the order on that day.
He mailed me the tracking number 2 days later.

Thursday, 9th june
My order arrived.

My personal conclusion 

Well this was an adventure. I'm going to be blunt, all in all I spent 312,03€. That's nearly one of my monthly salaries, whoa. Would I order from Taobao again? Actually no. I could order everything on ebay or amazon as well, so I don't really need Taobao. The biggest reason that got me to this answer are the shipping costs, I paid 119,25€ for shipping only, plus another 45,46€ custom fees. But ay, I tried it out, gained some experience and my own opinion.
Now to Taobaospree
There's nothing bad I could tell, everything I experienced was positive (next to the shipping price but that's not their fault I guess). The service, or in other words, Ray, was very friendly, he explained everything very well and treated me very kindly and respectful. I have to praise his patience actually, so if you want to order anything and tend to change your mind easily, don't worry, they'll still help you with pleasure.

Wheeew, finally this long blog entry comes to an end. I hope you liked this one and don't hesitate to ask me questions if you want to know something about my stuff! You can ask me for the product links as well, I don't mind sharing that with you :)

See you soon!


  1. Die Katzenhüte ;__________; <333 und die Choker finde ich klasse. Und die graue Wig. YAY für den Entry!!! Und der Totoro Kigu <3

    1. Die Hüte sind so toll ;A; nur ich hab das Gefühl mein Kopf ist zu groß :D:D:D
      Eig ist alles klasse was ich geholt hab :D
      Freut mich, das dir der Entry gefallen hat :D ♡