3 June 2015

♡ I met my pen pal! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

This entry is very overdue I'm so sorry ;A;
About 3 weeks ago, me and my family went on a trip to Berlin! At first I wanted to go alone but when my parents asked a friend in Berlin if she has a room left in the hotel that she works at, they kinda decided that they come along....very exhausting but hey, I haven't had to pay for the gasoline. yay. We arrived in the hotel and put our luggage in our rooms, where my family and our friend already discussed what to do next. As for me, I was already texting with my precious pen pal, asking if she could pick me up in the subway station......YES SUBWAYS ARE HELLA CONFUSING FOR ME. Shortly after that, I stood in the subway station, waiting for my rescue. There are a lot of weird people in Berlin and somehow many of them thought they had to talk to me. *shivers* Good thing my pen pal arrived quickly and brought me to her home~ We talked a lot, mostly about weird people we both know from the internet or weird things that happened to us. We also watched a lot of videos and laughed a lot~......until my parents called and said that they're at a restaurant waiting for us. Sadly my pen pal couldn't come along but she brought me back since I get lost easily. I ate a huuuuge pizza and then we went back to the hotel, since it was already very late.
The next day was wonderful, I've spent a whole day with my friend~ We derped around, got some bubble tea and went to the j-store twice for purikuras~ I never thought that the purikura machines were THAT complicated. But the memory game was pretty fun~ We also filmed a chubby bunny challenge, which I horribly failed at. I nearly puked :DDDD In the evening we drove to another restaurant to meet up with my family. There we also had a great time, my parents finally stopped being nosy since they had the chance to talk with my pen pal as well and we ate delicious food. We left the restaurant late in the evening and sadly, it was already time to say goodbye ;-;
All in all, I had a very good time in Berlin and I'm so happy that I was finally able to meet my pen pal! ♡ And now, enough with the talking, let me show you some pictures!

Prepare yourself, you need to scroll a lot.