1 May 2015

♡ Hannover haul ♡

Annyeong! ♡

A day before my birthday, on the 25th, me and my coworker went to hannover for a shopping trip~
Our first stop was: Primark! We've been there for about 4 hours. So exhausting! But I've found a lot of stuff and bought some clothes that I really needed. Underwear for example, but let me tell you this beforehand, I won't show you the underwear....just....because I say so.
After primark we desperately needed a break, therefore we got something to eat....I thought I should tell that as well, because as you may know, shopping at primark can consume a lot of energy.
After we gained some energy we continued our shopping spree and went to two other stores, Kiko and Lush. But let's quit talking, let me show you what I got!

Let's start with Primark!

 (hella big) bag - 13€
My old bag is nearly falling apart, I really NEEDED a new one. This is going to be my school bag from now on, since I need to take too much stuff to school every week. Ughhh.

 tank tops -2,80€ each
Just simple tank tops, what am I supposed to say? They were cheap and everyone could need some tank tops.

 tank top -2,80€
leggings(?) -3,00€
I will wear this underneath my yukata at the japanday this year, since you can kinda see through the material of the yukata.....

 floral shoes - 4,00€
(don't mind me, buying shoes with different sizes. Left is 6/39 right is 7/40-41....but they fit anyway)

 Jeans (dark blue x2) - 8,00€ each
Jeans (light blue) - 13,00€
I needed new trousers SO BAD. I'm not kidding, one of my old trousers had a huge hole because it was really worn out. I always have some troubles finding good trousers for me (thanks belly, thanks thighs) and I tend to buy 2 pairs (or sometimes even more) of a jeans when they fit me very well. As you can see, I liked the dark blue one.

 hair ties - 1,50€
I don't know why, but all of my hair ties are gone. Although I'm 100% sure that I always take them back home!

 hair clips - 2,50€
I'm planning to do a updo for the japanday and I thought these hair clips would look super cute in my hair then!

 phone case - 1,00€
I immediately fell in love with this case. It's so cute! AND LOOK AT THE PRICE I MEAN....WHAT.

phone case - 2,00€
...the packaging said it's for iPhone 4/4s but it's too big for my phone....I feel betrayed.


   Ultra tech curve curling mascara - 7,20€
I've had the mascara before, back then when I've been on the classtrip to cologne. A good friend of mine recommended me this mascara and I quite like it.

Last but not least, Lush!

 Bath bomb "Dragons Egg" - 4,95€
I'm bad at describing scents - but this one is one of a citrusy kind of bath bombs. I wanted to buy a bath bomb for my mum and I know that she likes this kind of scent soooo.....yeeaaah.

 Bubble bath "Yuzu & cocoa bubbleroon" - 5,45€
I've never tried a bubble bath from Lush before and this little bubbleroon made me curious. It smells really good, but I can't really sort out the smell. There're some contents listed in the description but I don't know. Does it smell like cocoa? Coconut oil? Bergamot oil? Tonka oil? How does tonka oil or bergamot oil even smell like? It's a mystery. But it smells good.

Bath bomb "Sakura" - 4,95€
This little one here is the reason I fell in love with the bath bombs. This was the first bath bomb I've tried and it smells sooo niiiice. How should I put it, it smells like spring for me. Flowery but not very strong, it's rather decent. You could say it's cute. I like this one a lot.

Bath bomb "Blackberry" - 4,75€
This bath bomb had a kind of heavy scent to me. It smells really good as well (otherwise I wouldn't have bought it, duh). Maybe the "heavy" scent is because of the bergamia fruit oil and the boswellia carterii oil (or frankincense? Dunno). I can't wait to try this one out.

Shampoo "Rehab" 100ml - 8,50€
Storytime! Once upon a time, when my bathroom cabinet was overstocked with 10.000 shampoos, conditioners and hair care stuff because my sister bought way too much stuff, I decided that I'm gonna use up all that shitty stuff since my sister just wouldn't do it (because she always used her new stuff). That's how I met "rehab"! My sister bought it, loved it and then dumped it for another shampoo and it stood there, lonely, waiting for me to give it some love. It's an expensive little piece of shit but it's sooooo goooooood. If you're looking for a shampoo for summer that cools down your scalp, BUY THIS. Your scalp will feel freshened up like the fresh prince of bel air, I swear it's just awesome.

Yep that's it! All in all I spent about 110€ in Hannover.........I guess it was worth it. What do you think? 

Oh yes, there's a lot coming up this month! 2 circle lens reviews are ready to go online, I'm gonna do something with my classmate tomorrow (maybe we'll  film a video, we'll see!), I'm visiting my pen pal in two weeks and at the end of the month is the japanday, which I'll be attending again! I'm pretty busy I guess!

See you very soon! ♡


  1. So many great things *__________* <3 I love hauls, hahaha! The bag is great. Need one like this too!

    1. hihihi me too! I swear the bag is huuuuge!! o.o But it's perfect for school though! <3 :D

  2. Nice haul! It's a shame I have no Primark where I have moved to, but at least we have lush. Rehab smells very nice as far as I can remember.

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