7 March 2015

♡ Reunion with my polish friend, Eliza! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

Hooow are you guys doing? I had a exhausting, but a very great week.
Remember my student exchange last year? Well my exchange sister messaged me last week, telling me that she will come here with the other polish and turkish students! I knew that they would come here sometime soon but still, I was kinda surprised because it was THAT soon. 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I knew I wouldn't be able to get some days off at work, so I prepared myself mentally for a veeeery exhausting week. Buuut anyways, I was soooo excited to see Eliza again! I've missed her soo much, I can't believe that it already has been a year since I last saw her. The polish students arrived at 6pm in Hameln and we've met up right away. I also got to know her new exchange sister, she's also a very nice and sweet girl. ♡ We met up in a restaurant/lounge thingy called me lounge and taaalked. a. looot.
And we tried to take some pictures (but Canon-chan was a bit shy I think)

That wasn't the only time I saw her. On Wednesday and Friday I had school/work till 2pm, soooo I was able to spent some more time with her and the other people!
Wednesday was kind of poor to be honest, I went to my old school and watched them doing their project work. They had to represent the typical lunch of german, polish and turkish people, so they were preparing food and filmed a "lunch roleplay" (and I got the chance to eat some delicious pierogi ♡). I had the chance to take some pictures with a good friend of mine as well ♡

 Here's Eliza preparing some delicious Pierogi ♡

 On Wednesday evening the school had planned a party in the assembly hall, but logically we had to clean the kitchen first. This would've been very quick if everyone would've helped right from the start, but noooooo only me and two german friends of mine were left and we cleaned the kitchen alone (or most of it, the other people of the "lunch group" weren't much of a help....They came to the kitchen after some time but all they really did was dancing around and in the way). The party was nice, but I was too exhausted to do anything at all, since I've cleaned the mess of idk, 20 people?
Friday was much better, I've met up with Eliza and her friends in the city right after work. They had lots of fun and enjoyed the Mystica Hamelon, which is a medieval event that is held once a year in Hameln. We spend some time in an ice café and planned our evening.
We met up in a pub with lots of other people! We talked and laughed a lot, the other people also drunk a lot (I didn't since I don't drink and also don't like alcohol) and the polish people had the chance to party a bit. Me and Eliza tried to take some pictures again but Canon-chan was very tired, I think.....


Today was the last day of the polish students staying here in germany, so unfortunately it was time to say goodbye. I packed some presents for Eliza, her mother and her boyfriend together and went to the train station to see her and the other students off. A lot of them were very sad and even crying. Okay, I was sad too, but I'm thinking positive, I've seen Eliza for the second time now, so why should this be a goodby for forever? I believe that we will see each other again, definitely!

And it's not like we're not able to communicate with each other. Seems like the internet has its good sides, too!
I'm sure that this wasn't the last time I saw her! ♡


  1. So weit wech ist Polen ja nun auch nicht. :P Da findet sich sicherlich noch die ein oder andere Gelegenheit sich noch mal zu sehen. Man sieht sich ja immer mindestens zwei Mal im Leben! :D

    1. Stimmt :D Sie hat mich auch eingeladen im Sommer zu ihr zu kommen, mal gucken ob ichs packe dahinzufahren :D Wär ja ganz schön eigentlich.

    2. Ja, Reisen ist ja fast die schönste Sache der Welt :P Und Zug bietet doch meist Europa-Spezial an oder auch mit Fernbus ist relativ günstig. An deiner Stelle würde ich den Pennplatz bzw. die Möglichkeit mal hinzukommen vollstens ausnutzen :D