30 December 2015

♡ My black friday order! ♡

Helloooo everyone! ♡

Yes I know I'm hella late to the party. Everyone's already uploading their "what I got for christmas" stuff and here I am, running late for my black friday order. But you know, I won't be doing a christmas related blogpost because I got only money....which I'll be spending later today in a huge shopping spree. #livingthelife
Okay. I actually spend all day on that friday looking through internet shops and thinking of what I could order. I'm a very picky person (very stingy too) so I didn't found a lot that was either my taste or cheap enough. Good thing I remembered that a girl I follow on instagram found a very cute bow shop!

4 July 2015

♡ My favourite two outfits this week ♡

Annyeong! ♡

Hopefully you guys didn't die during this heatwave right now. Luckily I'm still alive, thanks to a lot of ice cream and my fan.
Last saturday I went shopping and bought some clothes and I thought it might be a good idea to show you what I got, since it can be a bit hard to find suitable summer clothes when you're rather chubby. I took some pictures earlier and jesus christ, I nearly melted. Appreciate what I do for you! Ugh it's too hot~

3 June 2015

♡ I met my pen pal! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

This entry is very overdue I'm so sorry ;A;
About 3 weeks ago, me and my family went on a trip to Berlin! At first I wanted to go alone but when my parents asked a friend in Berlin if she has a room left in the hotel that she works at, they kinda decided that they come along....very exhausting but hey, I haven't had to pay for the gasoline. yay. We arrived in the hotel and put our luggage in our rooms, where my family and our friend already discussed what to do next. As for me, I was already texting with my precious pen pal, asking if she could pick me up in the subway station......YES SUBWAYS ARE HELLA CONFUSING FOR ME. Shortly after that, I stood in the subway station, waiting for my rescue. There are a lot of weird people in Berlin and somehow many of them thought they had to talk to me. *shivers* Good thing my pen pal arrived quickly and brought me to her home~ We talked a lot, mostly about weird people we both know from the internet or weird things that happened to us. We also watched a lot of videos and laughed a lot~......until my parents called and said that they're at a restaurant waiting for us. Sadly my pen pal couldn't come along but she brought me back since I get lost easily. I ate a huuuuge pizza and then we went back to the hotel, since it was already very late.
The next day was wonderful, I've spent a whole day with my friend~ We derped around, got some bubble tea and went to the j-store twice for purikuras~ I never thought that the purikura machines were THAT complicated. But the memory game was pretty fun~ We also filmed a chubby bunny challenge, which I horribly failed at. I nearly puked :DDDD In the evening we drove to another restaurant to meet up with my family. There we also had a great time, my parents finally stopped being nosy since they had the chance to talk with my pen pal as well and we ate delicious food. We left the restaurant late in the evening and sadly, it was already time to say goodbye ;-;
All in all, I had a very good time in Berlin and I'm so happy that I was finally able to meet my pen pal! ♡ And now, enough with the talking, let me show you some pictures!

Prepare yourself, you need to scroll a lot.

21 May 2015

♡ Meet my other hobby, the red cross youth! ♡

Hello everyone! ♡

I had a good idea some time ago! I felt like it would be nice to tell you about my other hobby that I'm really passionate about! As some of you may know, I'm a member of the red cross youth. It's a great way to get to know many new people who love to help others! The red cross youth has many small groups with kids and teens of different ages (up to 27 years, if I remember correctly). We have 4 age groups (here in germany, I don't know if it's the same in other countries). I'm not quite sure if the classification is right, but this is my guess how we seperate them in groups:
Level 0 with (cuteee) kids in the age of round about 4 to 9
Level 1 with kids in the age of 9 to 12
Level 2 with young teens in the age of 12 to 16
and Level 3 with young adults in the age of 16 up to 27

In each groups they get to know first aid and learn how to treat someone who is injured. They learn how to cooperate as a group and they can trust each other. We teach them good morals, because we think that everyone who needs help deserves to get help, regardless of age, race, colour, being rich or poor...things like that. Everyone can join the red cross youth as well. We're like a big, loving family. ♡

Now, you may already asked yourself what I'm doing in the red cross youth right? Let me explain! I'm 19, so logically I should be in a normal level 3 type of group right? Well not exactly actually! I'm in a special group, my group doesn't meet up to practise first aid only, we do something else! You could say we're an acting group. ^-^
We learned how to prepare some fake wounds and basically our group exists so other people can practise their first aid skills on us. Sometimes we're even booked for some competitions in the red cross youth! This year we're booked for 2 competitions, one was already on the 9th may. I asked some people if they could film some of our acting for me and guess whaaaat, I prepared a video for you guys! ♡

I also thought that I could show you some pictures of some wounds that we prepared some time ago, but I don't want to scare you off. So if you're still interested in it, just tell me and I'll take some pictures in the next competition maybe!
If you're still curious and have some questions left, feel free to ask me! I love to talk about this topic hehehe~ ♡

See you soon! ♡

1 May 2015

♡ Hannover haul ♡

Annyeong! ♡

A day before my birthday, on the 25th, me and my coworker went to hannover for a shopping trip~
Our first stop was: Primark! We've been there for about 4 hours. So exhausting! But I've found a lot of stuff and bought some clothes that I really needed. Underwear for example, but let me tell you this beforehand, I won't show you the underwear....just....because I say so.
After primark we desperately needed a break, therefore we got something to eat....I thought I should tell that as well, because as you may know, shopping at primark can consume a lot of energy.
After we gained some energy we continued our shopping spree and went to two other stores, Kiko and Lush. But let's quit talking, let me show you what I got!

20 April 2015

♡ Neo vison princess blue - review ♡

Annyeong! ♡

♡ Get ready with me: simple everyday make up! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

It's me agian! ♡ This time, I have a nice change for you (or rather for this blog)!
I was very bored and I bought a tripod for Canon-chan some time ago. Also, I've never filmed with Canon-chan and that made me curious how it would work out, so I set everything up and filmed on the spot! I'll say this beforehand, the video is far away from being perfect. The camera got out of focus A LOT and that still bothers me tbh. But as I said, it was the first time I filmed with that camera......and I'm not 100% content with the make up but that's a different matter.
If you don't want to watch the video (which is fine for me, don't worry) here's a screenshot of the eye makeup!

(but if you still want to watch, here's the video!)

Alright, that's it,
See you soon! ♡

23 March 2015

♡ Liebster blog award! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

Let's try something new and test my bilingual skills! please excuse me if I make some mistakes....I'm trying to translate everything on my own so yeah....

While reading other blogs, I stumbled upon this: my dear Rabea nominated me for the liebster blog award! Since I'm kinda bored right now and want to put some other stuff onto my blog than reviews, I thought it would be nice to do this!

Beim Durchstöbern von anderen Blogs bin ich darüber gestolpert: die liebe Rabea hat mich für den Liebster Blog Award nominiert! Da ich grade etwas gelangweilt bin und auch mal anderes Sachen auf mein Blog stellen will als nur Rezensionen, dachte ich das wäre mal ne gute Idee das mitzumachen!

Rules    -    Regeln

♡ thank the blogger who nominated you
    Danke dem Blogger, der dich nominiert hat

♡ answer the 11 questions
    beantworte die 11 gestellten Fragen

♡ nominate 5-11 blogger and ask new 11 questions
    Nominiere 5-11 Blogger und stelle 11 neue Fragen

♡ tell them that you've nominated them
    Sag ihnen bescheid, dass du sie nominiert hast

Leeeeet's goo!

1. Since when are you blogging and why did you start blogging?  -  Seit wann bloggst du schon und weshalb hast du dich dazu entschieden?
• Uhhhm good question...ah, since February 2013. Honestly it was out of boredom I think. My ex-best friend also blogged from time to time, that must've motivated me too, now that I think about it...
Öööh, gute Frage. Seit Feburar 2013. Das war glaub ich nur aus reiner Langeweile. Meine damals beste Freundin hat auch von Zeit zu Zeit mal gebloggt, das muss mich wohl irgendwie angesteckt haben, wo ich jetzt so darüber nachdenke....

2. What kind of audience do you want to get the attention of and what do you want to convey?  -  Wen möchtest du mit deinem Blog ansprechen und was möchtest du "vermitteln"?

• Since I'm very girly sometimes, I love to talk about make up and beauty stuff, especially circle lenses. I'm also very lucky to have the opportunity to review a lot of circle lenses lately - and there will be still lots of circle lens reviews coming up. So I guess this may be interesting for make up and circle lenses loving people?
Da ich manchmal sehr mädchenhaft bin, liebe ich es über Make up und Beautyprodukte zu reden, besonders über farbige Kontaktlinsen aller Art. Ich habe auch in letzter Zeit das Glück zu vielen Kontaktlinsen Rezensionen schreiben zu können - und es werden auch noch viele Rezensionen folgen. Also denke ich mal das mein Blog interessant für Make up- und Kontaktlinsenliebhaber ist?

3. Is there a blog that especially inspires you - if there is one, why?  -  Gibt es einen Blog, der dich besonders inspiriert und wenn ja, warum?

• Right now I don't have a favourite blog but I love discovering new blogs to get new inspiration!
  Momentan habe ich keinen Blog der mich besonders inspiriert, aber ich liebe es neue Blogs zu entdecken wo dann auch mal die ein oder andere Inspiration zu finden ist!

 4. What country do you want to visit and why?  -  Welches Land möchtest du gerne mal bereisen und warum?

• I love traveling! I definitely want to discover Japan and Korea (capitals first!) since I love these countries a lot and I'm curious about the lifestyles of the people there. I would love to visit England and France again as well! I've been to London and Paris some years ago and I've seen a lot, but there's still much left to explore! I was forced to see things (for example the Royal Observatory in Greenwich) that didn't interest me very much since I've been there on school trips, so now I want to have a chance to explore the countries on my own and I want to meet the different cultures face to face!
Ich liieebe Reisen! Ich möchte auf jeden Fall mal Japan und Korea entdecken (zuerstmal die Hauptstädte!), da ich die beiden Länder ja sowieso liebe und auch ziemlich neugierig auf den Lebenstil der Leute dort bin. Außerdem würde ich sehr gerne wieder mal nach England und Frankreich! Ich war ja vor Jahren schon in London und Paris und ich hab auch viel gesehen, aber ich weiß das es noch viel zu erkunden gibt! Ich wurde leider gezwungen mir Sachen anzugucken die mich null interessiert haben (wie zum Beispiel das Observatorium in Greenwich) weil ich dank Schulreisen in den Ländern war, also möchte ich jetzt mal die Chance dazu haben die Länder auf eigener Faust zu erkunden und die verschiedenen Kulturen hautnah kennenzulernen!
5. What are the things you absolutely can't live without while traveling for a few days?  -  Auf welche Dinge kannst du absolut nicht verzichten, wenn du für einige Tage verreist?

• A map! (or my mobile phone with a decent internet use google maps or something) My sense of direction is SO BAD, you can't imagine. So far I've managed to travel around without getting lost, which is kind of a miracle if you ask me. Of course I also need something to take photos with. Also, I like to listen to music while traveling, logically I would carry something with me to do so.
Eine Karte! (oder mein Handy mit etwas google maps oder so zu benutzen) Mein Orientierungssinn ist SO SCHLECHT, das könnt ihr euch gar nicht ausmalen. Bis jetzt hab ich es geschafft rumzureisen ohne irgendwie verloren zu gehen, was fast schon an ein Wunder grenzt wenn ihr mich fragt. Übrigens höre ich beim Reisen an sich gerne Musik, also trag ich auch logischerweise was mit mir damit ich das machen kann. 

6. How important is your own style for you and what made you dress like you do? (e.g. scene, own decision, etc.)  -  Wie wichtig ist dir dein Stil und was hat dich dazu verleitet dich so zu kleiden, wie du dich kleidest? (z. B. Szene, eigener Kopf, etc.)
• Hmm, I don't know if I can lable my style. I like pretty clothes and I'm very picky, that's why it's hard for me to find stuff that suits me including the fact that I'm a chubby girl. If it comes to make up I mostly do ulzzang (inspired?) make ups!
Ich weiß gar nicht ob ich meinen Stil kategorisieren kann. Ich mag hübsche Kleidung (gemeint eher feminin, süß) und bin auch sehr wählerisch, deswegen ist es schwer für mich Kleidung zu finden die mir steht, hinzu kommt, dass ich auch pummelig bin. Wenns aber um Make up geht orientiere ich mich an Ulzzang make ups! 

7. If you had the possibility to let one of your bad habits disappear, which one would it be?  -  Wenn du die Möglichkeit hättest eine schlechte Angewohnheit von dir einfach so verschwinden zu lassen, welche wäre das?

• .... I would like to have the strength to resist sweets and unhealthy food.
  .... Ich hätte gerne die Kraft dazu Süßigkeiten und ungesundes Essen zu widerstehen.

8. If you had the possibility, what languages would you like to learn and why?  -  Welche Sprache würdest du gerne lernen, wenn du die Möglichkeit hättest, und warum?

• I think that would be japanese. For me this language sounds beautiful~ Also it would be great to be able to understand japanese, I could finally watch animes without subtitles (and read mangas in japanese hohoho~)
Ich denke mal das wäre Japanisch. Für mich klingt diese Sprache einfach wunderschön~ Außerdem wäre es geil japanisch zu verstehen weil ich dann endlich Animes ohne Untertitel gucken könnte. (und Mangas auch in japanisch lesen könnte huehuehue~)

9. Do you have a favourite book? If yes, which one is it?  -  Hast du ein Lieblingsbuch und wenn ja, welches?

 • I read a lot of books when I was younger, but somehow I lost interest in reading a while ago. I still have lots of books here, but there's not a single one that I love to death. The last book I read was "the fault in our stars". Good story, very sad, I liked this one.
Ich hab früher mal viel gelesen, aber irgendwie hab ich wohl mein Interesse am Lesen vor ner Weile verloren. Ich hab hier immernoch viele Bücher, aber keins davon liebe ich abgöttisch. Das letzte Buch was ich gelesen habe war "the fault in our stars" (zu Deutsch: das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter; habs mir in Englisch gekauft). Gute Geschichte, sehr traurig, ich mochte das Buch.

10. Do you have a favourite movie? If yes, which one?  -  Hast du einen Lieblingsfilm und wenn ja, welchen?

 • Oooh I LOVE ghibli movies! My most favourite one is probably Spirited Away, after that comes My Neighbour Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, Kikis Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke....There's also a korean movie that I like a lot, it's called "A Werewolf Boy" - SO SAD! I cried at least 3 times :D
 OH ICH LIEBE Ghibli Filme! Mein absoluter Lieblingsfilm ist Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland, danach kommt Mein Nachbar Totoro, Das wandelnde Schloss, Kikis kleiner Lieferservice, Prinzessin Mononoke......Es gibt auch noch einen koreanischen Film den ich sehr mag, der heißt "A Werewolf Boy" - DER IST SOOO TRAURIG! Ich hab mindestens 3 mal bei dem geheult :D

11. What do you wish for your future?  -  Was wünschst du dir für die Zukunft?

 • Less drama, definitely. And more people that I can trust and make nice memories with. Apart from that I'm actually quite content with my life right now.
Definitiv weniger Drama. Und mehr Menschen denen ich vertrauen kann und auch schöne Momente erleben kann. Abgesehen davon bin ich eigentlich sehr zufrieden mit meinem Leben so wie es ist.

Whew, done! Now, lets nominate some new people!  -  Geschafft! Dann lasst uns mal neue Leute nominieren!

Aileen! ♡
Kanon! ♡
Miya! ♡ (I know you did that a while ago, I thought you maybe want to do it again?)
Jenny! ♡
Sushma! ♡

Here are your Questions!  -  Hier sind eure Fragen!

1. Introduction time! Can you give us a short introduction of yourself?  -  Vorstellungsrunde! Kannst du dich uns kurz vorstellen?
2. Tell us about your passion! What do you like to talk about the most?  -  Erzähl uns von deiner Leidenschaft! Worüber redest du am allerliebsten?
3. Since when are you blogging and is there a special reason why you started blogging?  -  Seit wann bloggst du und gibt es einen speziellen Grund warum du mit dem Bloggen angefangen hast?
4. Do you have any other hobbies next to blogging?  -  Hast du auch noch andere Hobbies neben dem Bloggen?
5. What do you do to cheer yourself up after a bad day?  -  Was machst du nach einem schlechten Tag um dich selbst wieder aufzuheitern?
6. Are you an introvert or extrovert person?  -  Bist du eine introvertierte oder extravertierte Person?
7. Do you have any weird habits? I mean reeeaaally weird habits?  -  Hast du irgendwelche komischen Angewohnheiten? Also wiiiiirklich komische Angewohnheiten?
8. Cats vs dogs! What animal do you prefer?  -  Katzen gegen Hunde! Welches Tier bevorzugst du eher?
9. What would you do if you had only one day to live?  -  Was würdest du machen wenn du nur noch einen Tag zum Leben hättest?
10. Is there a person you would like to meet one day? (famous or not, you decide!)  -  Gibt es eine Person die du gerne einmal treffen würdest? (berühmt oder nicht, du entscheidest!)
11. Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell the person who nominated you? (If you don't have anything to say, that's fine too ♡)  -  Und zum Schluss, gibt es etwas was du der Person, die dich nominiert hat, sagen möchtest? (Es ist auch ok wenn dir nichts einfallen sollte ♡)

Aaand that's it! I enjoyed this a lot, thank you Rabea! I hope the other people will enjoy my questions, too. Well then, back to my usual stuff, I have a new circle lens review to prepare!
Uuuund das wars! Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß mit den Fragen, vielen Lieben Dank an Rabea! (Wow, auf Englisch und auf Deutsch gedankt, fühlst du dich jetzt gut? (๑´ㅂ`๑) ) Na dann, zurück zum Alten, ich hab noch eine neue Kontaktlinsen Rezension die ich vorbereiten muss!

See you soon! ♡

7 March 2015

♡ Reunion with my polish friend, Eliza! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

Hooow are you guys doing? I had a exhausting, but a very great week.
Remember my student exchange last year? Well my exchange sister messaged me last week, telling me that she will come here with the other polish and turkish students! I knew that they would come here sometime soon but still, I was kinda surprised because it was THAT soon. 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I knew I wouldn't be able to get some days off at work, so I prepared myself mentally for a veeeery exhausting week. Buuut anyways, I was soooo excited to see Eliza again! I've missed her soo much, I can't believe that it already has been a year since I last saw her. The polish students arrived at 6pm in Hameln and we've met up right away. I also got to know her new exchange sister, she's also a very nice and sweet girl. ♡ We met up in a restaurant/lounge thingy called me lounge and taaalked. a. looot.
And we tried to take some pictures (but Canon-chan was a bit shy I think)

That wasn't the only time I saw her. On Wednesday and Friday I had school/work till 2pm, soooo I was able to spent some more time with her and the other people!
Wednesday was kind of poor to be honest, I went to my old school and watched them doing their project work. They had to represent the typical lunch of german, polish and turkish people, so they were preparing food and filmed a "lunch roleplay" (and I got the chance to eat some delicious pierogi ♡). I had the chance to take some pictures with a good friend of mine as well ♡

 Here's Eliza preparing some delicious Pierogi ♡

 On Wednesday evening the school had planned a party in the assembly hall, but logically we had to clean the kitchen first. This would've been very quick if everyone would've helped right from the start, but noooooo only me and two german friends of mine were left and we cleaned the kitchen alone (or most of it, the other people of the "lunch group" weren't much of a help....They came to the kitchen after some time but all they really did was dancing around and in the way). The party was nice, but I was too exhausted to do anything at all, since I've cleaned the mess of idk, 20 people?
Friday was much better, I've met up with Eliza and her friends in the city right after work. They had lots of fun and enjoyed the Mystica Hamelon, which is a medieval event that is held once a year in Hameln. We spend some time in an ice café and planned our evening.
We met up in a pub with lots of other people! We talked and laughed a lot, the other people also drunk a lot (I didn't since I don't drink and also don't like alcohol) and the polish people had the chance to party a bit. Me and Eliza tried to take some pictures again but Canon-chan was very tired, I think.....


Today was the last day of the polish students staying here in germany, so unfortunately it was time to say goodbye. I packed some presents for Eliza, her mother and her boyfriend together and went to the train station to see her and the other students off. A lot of them were very sad and even crying. Okay, I was sad too, but I'm thinking positive, I've seen Eliza for the second time now, so why should this be a goodby for forever? I believe that we will see each other again, definitely!

And it's not like we're not able to communicate with each other. Seems like the internet has its good sides, too!
I'm sure that this wasn't the last time I saw her! ♡

1 March 2015

♡ Let me introduce you : Canon-chan! ♡

Annyeong! ♡

As I said before, I saved up some money and bought a new camera! Let's name her Canon-chan ♡
Canon-chan was pretty expensive, compared to my old camera, but she's worth every cent ♡ Oh, my old camera is fine, but how should I put's just very used. But I think I'll use my old camera when I go traveling or to conventions, since Canon-chan is pretty unhandy sometimes (and also too precious to me to take her around). And I still have to get to know her better, huehuehue.
Now that I have her, I may do some videos from now on! (My poor youtube channel, it's all dusty and rusty....wait that rhymed.) Me and my good friend are making some more plans for the future as well, so maaaaybe there will be lots of stuff coming up!♡

Luckily Canon-chan already knows how to make me look good, I think we both will have a lot of fun together!♡
(and please ignore the proof of my obsession with british youtubers in the background)

1 February 2015

♡ Dm Haul #2 ♡

Annyeong! ♡

My blog only contains circle lenses reviews lately, so I thought I could prepare something different this time! I went shopping yesterday, since I haven't had anything to do. At first I went into clothing stores but there wasn't anything that I reeaaally wanted...
Which brought me to Dm, to "just have a look".....but I ended up spending about 30€ on makeup and nail polish?

Well anyway, wanna see? O(≧▽≦)O

sheer blonde hair repair deep conditioner  -  4,95€

yeeeessss... a new deep conditioner. I've (finally) used up the other one, and I thought I could try out this one, since it's especially for blond hair. I haven't tried it out yet though, I think I'll tell everyone on twitter if it works well for me or not. (; ̄ェ ̄)

(from left to right)

Essence effect nail polish #01 pixie dust  -  1,95€

this nail polish looked so cute and girly, I HAD to buy it. I don't need to say anything more. (。◝‿◜。)

Manhatten quick dry #11A  -  1,85€

I finally found a good, white nail polish. I had lots of white nail polish but they didn't cover my nails very well. This one is great! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

Essence effect nail polish #02 baby, you're a firework  -  1,95€

I already had the white nail polish in my hand and I thought these two would look great together. And I'm right!
Sadly my camera didn't catch the light pink on the pictures, but I tell you, both combined look very cute! ....Try it out, if you want.

Astor soft sensation lipcolour butter #005 pretty poppy  -  5,85€

(please excuse my chapped lips) I already have the light pink one, #010 pink lady. I think the lip butter are good and I immediately fell in love with that peachy colour, so I bought it! (* >ω<)

Astor big & beautiful lovely doll eye opening mascara #910 ultra black  6,85€ 

I'm still looking for a good mascara and I thought I should test this one out. I used it earlier and it didn't blow me away. There's "too much product" on the brush, kinda annoying. (−_−;)

Catrice eyebrow set  -  3,95€

Yes, I finally bought myself something like this, after using my eyeshadow pallete for my eyebrows way to long. I tried out the light shade and it's alright. It's very handy in my opinion. (。^‿^。)

soo yeeaah, that's all!
If you have any questions regarding the products feel free to ask me!