24 May 2014

Little DM haul~


My exams start on tuesday and I'm nervous as shit....isn't this the best reason to calm myself down while doing a blog entry? :D 
Soo yup, I went to DM to buy some things that I needed/wanted to try out. It's nothing special, but heeey why shouldn't I share it with you. Even though I don't know if anyone is still reading my blog because I have the feeling that I blog for myself..... Anyway, here we go!

Things I needed:

Catrice Cosmetics - Liquid liner - Waterproof

This is my favourite eyeliner. It's literally the epitome of "liquid". The tip is quite long lasting (and I hate these brush-liquid liner, I somehow can only handle liquid liner that are made of felt) and the eyeliner lasts all day long~ it won't smudge! (well ok, this doesn't mean that you can touch your eye as much as you want to, it will then surely come off....) Mine was empty....and no, I can't survive without eyeliner.

Garnier - Olia hairdye #10.0 extra light blonde

My all time favourite hair dye. I already reviewed this hair dye some time ago, the only difference is the shade. (I reviewed the second lightest shade, this is the lightest shade. Don't worry, there isn't much a difference between the shades.) My roots are growing out, that's all I have to say.

Things I wanted to try out:

Ebelin professional - make up egg (sponge)

I wanted to buy this make up sponge for some time now. I see a lot of people who love this product and many of them say that it's good because you can blend your bb cream evenly with it. Only reason I needed - I adore my skin79 bb cream and why wouldn't I like a product that helps me to let my make up look more natural? Haven't tried it out yet, maybe I'll do a review of it. We'll see.

Guhl - Intensiv hair mask with monoi oil

While I was shopping with my sister, we stood in front of the shelves with the hair products, I told her that I urgently need a hair mask - I haven't had a hair mask in ages. She then pointed directly to this hair mask and said that it's really good. I tried it out earlier and I have to say, she's right. My hair got really smooth! (even smoother than before. And that's a miracle, people who already got the chance to touch my hair know what I'm talking about. maybe it's because of the silicons...) I left it in my hair for 1 hour I think (don't look at me like that, my hair really needed that). I think I'll do this every 2 weeks from now on.....would be good, eh.

Abtei - silica capsules

I have a big problem lately. I have a lot of stress because of my exams and this actually shows. I get more pimples and I'm loosing more and more hair. this is asdfghjkl because my hair's already thin because of the dying every month naaargh My sister is taking these capsules for a while now and she's very enthusiastic. nothing new, she's actually kind of gullible sometimes....oh if you could see our cabinet in our bathroom, there are so many hair products that promise better growth of hair....and tons of nail polishes, but these are mine. :D She told me that I should take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening, but heeell no, I'm doing what the package insert told me. too much silica COULD lead to some silicon-containing kidney stones (google translator don't disappoint me!)....which is a very rare case but STILL. So yeah, let's hope that my skin, hair and nails become better. I would really welcome that.

This is everything that I bought yesterday. (I spent enough money on this (T⌓T) )

Oh yes, I've also been to the "Japantag" in dusseldorf! Sadly I didn't take any pictures there, I only have one picture I took in the morning and one that my sister took of me with the camera of my bestie.


And also, I bought myself 2 bracelets (yellow = BIGBANG, black = GD - ONE OF A KIND) and a yukata on that day~

Pretty in pink~ This also was the first time I put a yukata on AND I DID IT BY MYSELF. I don't want to brag, BUT LOOK AT THIS.


Ok, I should start studying now.... NAAARGH I'LL DEFINITELY FAIL SO HARD ;A;

See ya ~


  1. Ischör nimm nur 2 Kapseln am Tag. :'D
    Und der Yukata steht dir sooo <3
    (danke fürs linken btw! :DD)

    1. Packung sagt aber 3. ;A;
      Hihihihi daanki <3
      (und kein ding, ich mein wenn ich mir schon n Bild von dir klaue :D:D)

  2. Es gibt ein Make-up Ei? xD Würde mich ja wirklich mal interessieren, wie hilfreich das ist ;)
    Wobei ich um ehrlich zu sein, gar kein Tagesmake-up verwende xDD
    Der Yukata steht dir super! :D
    Und zu den Kapseln: Ist das so eine Aet Biotin? Ich bin bei sowas ja immer skeptisch, nehme zur Zeit aber selbst versuchsweise Vitamin C Tabletten, um mein Immunsystem etwas zu pushen. Keine Ahnung, wie viel das wirklich hilft, aber versuchen schadet ja nicht. ;)

    1. Ich find den Namen von dem Schwamm auch voll bescheuert xDDD
      Ich geh meistens auch nur mit n bisschen Concealer im Face ausm Haus, ich versuch nämlich so lang wie möglich was von meiner geliebten BB cream übrig zu haben :DDDD Und danke! :3

      Naja, Kieselerde Kapseln halt. Spurenelement Silicium ist da halt drin. Normalerweise würde ich sowas nicht nehmen weil ich in meinem Fachabi gelernt habe das solche Tabletten fast gar nicht helfen. Also sei es Vitamin C, Magnesium Tabletten etc. Das meiste geht wieder aus dem Körper raus....ABER ICH BIN WEGEN MEINE HAAREN SO VERZWEIFELT ;A;