9 April 2014

Best friends TAG & new favourite shirt

Annyeong!~ :3

Not long ago, me and Kazu did a best friends Tag video and I want to share it with you guys~

(Blogger is hating me I'm sorry here is the link to the video)

We met up so I could show her my videos from the concert and then we got ready and filmed the video~    closed chapter of the past

Sadly the windows movie maker thingy fucked up the quality of the video, so here are some pictures of me from that day~

My make up:
Blue circle lenses, mixture of a light, a peach-coloured and a red-orange-coloured eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, a light pink blush and an apricot lipbalm (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧
BBCream & transparent powder

Basically I kind of matched my make up to my outfit or at least I tried haha

Ah, and I finally gave Kazu my surprise! I bought her the black tour shirt from the Miyavi concert~
I have the white one, so we have now matching clothes hehe~  (wow this is so gay lol #nohomo)

Lol where are my boobs?

          Front                                                                         Back

Jup. That's all.
I now have to prepare myself mentally for my practical driving test on next tuesday. LOL I'LL DEFINITELY FUCK THIS UP HAHAHAHA    CRY

byebyee~ ♥


  1. Euer Video is voll knuffig ^^ Das Shirt steht dir prima ^^

  2. Hübsch siehst du aus mit dem Make up, und ich finde es passte super zum Outfit! ^.^

    1. Danke seeeehr ♥ Gut dann bin ich ja beruhigt xD