13 March 2014


ello ello~

I just want to tell you guys very quick what's going on right now.
There will be 2 topics that I'll surely will blog about these upcoming 2 weeks. First of, I'll be away from sunday to next friday. I'm taking part in a student exchange~ So I'll be in poland these days. I'm finally getting excited~ Uff, I still need to buy some presents for my guest family .__.
I think I'll blog about my experiences when I have some time for myself there.
oh and I'm staying at a guy's house....yes, I have an "exchange brother" ...the other girls are overly excited, they think that he is hot. He looks like a brat to me though...
And the other thing is, well, I already said it like a million times already? MIYAVI. In cologne. YAY ♥ I'm sooooooo super excited~ Only 2 weeks left hihihihi ♥ My future husbandooooo~♥♥♥  (I don't care that he is already married ok, I have the right to say this, I'm a fangirl. ok? ok.)
Actually, my school decided to hold an important event on these two days when I'm there. They want us to prepare for our final exams. BUT WHATEVERRR I'm not going.Oh and bby, If you're reading this, don't be sad, I'll definitely taking some pictures or I'll film something for you oooor maybe I'll get something for you. We'll see.

Okay, that's it. I hope you look forward to read my next entrys~

See you soon! ♥


  1. Viel Spaß in Polen :D Da werd ich ja fast neidisch!

    1. Haha danke :D
      Der Ort ist aber an der Deutschen Grenze, also nicht sooo spektakulär. :D Wobei, wir machen n Tagesausflug nach Breslau.~ :3