23 March 2014


Helloooooo everyone~

I'm back from my student exchange in poland. It was a very hard and tiring, but also a very nice week (somehow). On Sunday morning at 9:20 we took the train to hannover, and then there we took the train to Leipzig, then Dresden and then finally Görlitz. The polish teacher picked us up from there. The town Zgorzelec, where the school is, is near the german border.....I think it was about 15-20 minutes away from Germany. At school we were picked up by our guest families. I was confused because my teacher told me that I'm going to stay with a boy and his family but I suddenly had to go with a girl and her mother. (But whatever, the sudden change of the guest family was great, I love my exchange sister~) we drove home and they showed me my bedroom. (And I even had my own living room.....they are so niiice, I mean, they are willing to take care of you for a week and then you even get 2 rooms for yourself?! T~T) some time later, her boyfriend and some friends came over. One of the friends was the exchange sister of Sabina, who traveled with me from Germany. We played billiard and hung around and was fun~
The next 3 days were kind of annoying and horrible (exept of the evenings with my exchange sister Eliza ♥️). We just walked around nonstop and had to go sight seeing. I'm sorry, but that was fucking boring. The main topic of the exchange was "cultural sensitive care" and not "let's go to other countries and go sight seeing because everyone want to". Oh and the worst was, we always had to walk. Like seriously, are you too poor to get us a bus or something?! I hate walking....and the weather was shitty.....You can imagine what kind of mood I had on those days xD. 
The last 2 days were better. The sun was finally shining and it was nice and warm outside~ we'll ok, we  had to take a look at a porcelain firm and a coal mine on Thursday (which again fitted our topic "cultural sensitive care" very well) and I nearly freaked out because of some turkish students and teachers, but the rest was great~ Thursday evening we (me, Eliza, some other polish girls with their exchange sisters from Germany) went to Sabina's guest family and there we talked and drank hot chocolate, and then we went to "my" house and there we ate delicious food and again talked, laughed and Eliza and matyna freaked out because of some friends of mine (like my best friend, they told me a million times that she is beautiful. HEARD THAT, CUTIE?!). 
The next day was relaxing.....well at first. :D we went to the hall of fame in Zgorzelec and there was an event about health care I think....I didn't take a look at that xD I did more interesting things.

Yeahhh.....interesting things.

After that we went to McDonald's to eat. Then we returned to the school and then we had to say goodbye....


Well, now some words to Eliza.
She is really awesome. I miss her already. I was scared that I would come to someone that I wouldn't like, but the worries were for nothing. I totally love heeeer. I looked at her room and I knew we had some things in common. I never thought that I would meet someone in Poland who likes anime and stuff, or likes the same music like me. Or someone that likes asian people too. And she likes all of it. I was sooo relieved and happy, I nearly died :D she and her mother were so sweet to me, she payed everything for me (and I still feel bad because of that) and her mother always made me some sandwiches for school or the trips. I'm really happy that I met her, and right now I'm really sad and I miss her a lot. She is the best exchange sister that I could've ever imagined. 

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