31 March 2014


Helloooo guuyys~

Today is the fourth day after the concert in cologne. Geez, that day was so hard and tiring....

Well, it was Thursday so I obviously had school on that day. I left school 2 hours earlier and went to the city to buy some snacks and drinks for the car trip to cologne. (I hope no one of my teachers will ever read this..... I mean I skipped the last 2 hours of Thursday and I kind of skipped friday....I told my teacher that I had to leave due to personal reasons.)
After that I went to my sisters school and waited for her. Like an hour or so. But it was ok, it was a sunny day so I sat on the ground and chilled in the sun~ I think about half past 3 my sister came to me and we went to the car. We went to the petrol station to fill up our car and then we were on the roaaad~ It takes like 2,5 to 3 hours to get to cologne, so logically we would arrive at 18:30 in cologne. Problem was, the reservation of our hotel room cancelles itself automatically at 18:00 o'clock, but heeeey I called the hotel and I talked to some guy and confused him. Yay! :D
So our funny journey went on. It was about 18:10 when IT happened. TRAFFIC JAMS RIGHT BEFORE COLOGNE. I nearly died. Like seriously, YOU DON'T WANT TO SIT RIGHT NEXT TO ME IN THE CAR WHEN I GET NERVOUS OF BEING LATE. (I'm sorry, sis.♥️) When we finally arrived in cologne (there was a huge accident in cologne, which caused the traffic jams.... -.-) we drove about 2 times in circles because WE DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO PARK THE CAR. :DDDDDD 
We then finally arrived in our hotel room.....AND IT WAS 7 O'CLOCK. THE CONCERT STARTS AT 8 O'CLOCK. AT 7 THEY OPENED UP THE HALL. THE HALL WAS FUCKING OPEN AND WE WEREN'T EVEN THERE.....soooo we hurried to the live music hall...and we were afraid that we won't find a good place to park the car...but we had the best parking spot EVER. In front of the hall!!! :DDD 
After my sister smoked a cigarette (and I nearly went crazy because it was 19:40 and I wanted to go inside but I had to wait for her.) we went inside. My sister told me to buy the shirt before the concert starts (and it was a fucking good idea, after the concert you couldn't even get near the shop) and I quickly bought what I wanted.

I was surprised, I mean we were kind of late but we actually got great places where I could see the stage (everyone were about my height so yeah...) I don't know what row it was, but we were in one of the middle rows but we stood at the right side from the stage. (nice place really, I saw him when he got on and off stage). We waited for like 15 to 20 minutes and then he finally came on stage. My future husband *^*
(you can't even fucking see me, just a glimpse of my sister. meh)

As for the was fucking awesome. It was my first concert ever, and I was overwhelmed... I couldn't keep the set list in my mind but whatever, it was a great mix of his new and old songs. And oh my fucking god, HE IS SO HOT AND GORGEOUS AND FUNNY AND AWESOME AND AAAAAH. He talked with us (all of us fans, not to me only, sadly.) between some songs and JESUS CHRIST he's such an idiot :DDDDD He pointed like a million times to his drummer bobo and said stuff like "ah, do you know bobo?" And he called bobo an god and that what bobo is going to say is so precious....."the precious words of an god." :D oh and he told us a bit of his impressions of the tour, and how hard the beginning was. That he always had to get up at 3 in the morning to reach his plane to fly through Europe. He did that in such a funny way, I couldn't stop laughing xDDD When we reached the time of the encore, he asked what kind of song we would like to hear and a group from the back shouted "freedom fighter!!!" And he was like "I always remember the great moments in Europe but I totally forgot that you like that track..." And then they started to practise the track and he said "we gonna rehearsal it a bit so you guys can go chill out or go to the bathroom....whatever" :DDDDDD

(Here, I found a video where the freedom fighter situation came up, a loooot of thanks to Kitty chan who uploaded this. )


Here's the setlist ! :

1. DAY 1
3. Chase it
4. JUSTICE (♥)
5. Secret (♥)
8. Please, Please, Please (♥)
9. Kimi ni Negai wo (♥)
10. Guard you (♥♥♥)
11. Cry like this (♥)
13. Are you ready to rock? -short-
16. Horizon (♥♥♥)

19. Ahead of the light (♥)

It was fucking awesome, really. The concert ended at half past 10 I think, and we went to our hotel. We instantly fell asleep and in the next morning, we got ready, ate breakfast, went shopping and then we drove home again. 

So all in all, it was one of the best days in my life. I was finally able to see a musician that I admire for a looong long time and the concert went smoothly and everyone was nice. Me and my sister did a vlog of our trip, you can watch it if you want, but it's in german....(except our derpy times where we sing to the songs on the radio in the car...) and beware of our stupidy.

If you have any questions regarding the concert, feel free to ask. Or if you just want to fangirl about Miyavi, that's fine too. Really.

Looots of looove~ ♥️♥️♥️

23 March 2014


Helloooooo everyone~

I'm back from my student exchange in poland. It was a very hard and tiring, but also a very nice week (somehow). On Sunday morning at 9:20 we took the train to hannover, and then there we took the train to Leipzig, then Dresden and then finally Görlitz. The polish teacher picked us up from there. The town Zgorzelec, where the school is, is near the german border.....I think it was about 15-20 minutes away from Germany. At school we were picked up by our guest families. I was confused because my teacher told me that I'm going to stay with a boy and his family but I suddenly had to go with a girl and her mother. (But whatever, the sudden change of the guest family was great, I love my exchange sister~) we drove home and they showed me my bedroom. (And I even had my own living room.....they are so niiice, I mean, they are willing to take care of you for a week and then you even get 2 rooms for yourself?! T~T) some time later, her boyfriend and some friends came over. One of the friends was the exchange sister of Sabina, who traveled with me from Germany. We played billiard and hung around and was fun~
The next 3 days were kind of annoying and horrible (exept of the evenings with my exchange sister Eliza ♥️). We just walked around nonstop and had to go sight seeing. I'm sorry, but that was fucking boring. The main topic of the exchange was "cultural sensitive care" and not "let's go to other countries and go sight seeing because everyone want to". Oh and the worst was, we always had to walk. Like seriously, are you too poor to get us a bus or something?! I hate walking....and the weather was shitty.....You can imagine what kind of mood I had on those days xD. 
The last 2 days were better. The sun was finally shining and it was nice and warm outside~ we'll ok, we  had to take a look at a porcelain firm and a coal mine on Thursday (which again fitted our topic "cultural sensitive care" very well) and I nearly freaked out because of some turkish students and teachers, but the rest was great~ Thursday evening we (me, Eliza, some other polish girls with their exchange sisters from Germany) went to Sabina's guest family and there we talked and drank hot chocolate, and then we went to "my" house and there we ate delicious food and again talked, laughed and Eliza and matyna freaked out because of some friends of mine (like my best friend, they told me a million times that she is beautiful. HEARD THAT, CUTIE?!). 
The next day was relaxing.....well at first. :D we went to the hall of fame in Zgorzelec and there was an event about health care I think....I didn't take a look at that xD I did more interesting things.

Yeahhh.....interesting things.

After that we went to McDonald's to eat. Then we returned to the school and then we had to say goodbye....


Well, now some words to Eliza.
She is really awesome. I miss her already. I was scared that I would come to someone that I wouldn't like, but the worries were for nothing. I totally love heeeer. I looked at her room and I knew we had some things in common. I never thought that I would meet someone in Poland who likes anime and stuff, or likes the same music like me. Or someone that likes asian people too. And she likes all of it. I was sooo relieved and happy, I nearly died :D she and her mother were so sweet to me, she payed everything for me (and I still feel bad because of that) and her mother always made me some sandwiches for school or the trips. I'm really happy that I met her, and right now I'm really sad and I miss her a lot. She is the best exchange sister that I could've ever imagined. 

13 March 2014


ello ello~

I just want to tell you guys very quick what's going on right now.
There will be 2 topics that I'll surely will blog about these upcoming 2 weeks. First of, I'll be away from sunday to next friday. I'm taking part in a student exchange~ So I'll be in poland these days. I'm finally getting excited~ Uff, I still need to buy some presents for my guest family .__.
I think I'll blog about my experiences when I have some time for myself there.
oh and I'm staying at a guy's house....yes, I have an "exchange brother" ...the other girls are overly excited, they think that he is hot. He looks like a brat to me though...
And the other thing is, well, I already said it like a million times already? MIYAVI. In cologne. YAY ♥ I'm sooooooo super excited~ Only 2 weeks left hihihihi ♥ My future husbandooooo~♥♥♥  (I don't care that he is already married ok, I have the right to say this, I'm a fangirl. ok? ok.)
Actually, my school decided to hold an important event on these two days when I'm there. They want us to prepare for our final exams. BUT WHATEVERRR I'm not going.Oh and bby, If you're reading this, don't be sad, I'll definitely taking some pictures or I'll film something for you oooor maybe I'll get something for you. We'll see.

Okay, that's it. I hope you look forward to read my next entrys~

See you soon! ♥