9 February 2014

Sunday fail~♥


Same as always, I'm either bored or I'm stressed. Well, right now I'm bored. And It's Sunday. And I got nothing special to do. Well I still have some homework left....Soooo I kind of played around with my eyeshadow palette again ^-^''

Jup jup, nothing special. Just 3 different shades of brown (actually you can't really see on these pictures, I think .___.)

I noticed that this is quite dark for me with my natural blonde hair, so I put my dark brown wig on.
And I'm still wearing it btw.

Hm yes, it looks better with dark hair....or what do you think?

Okay that's all, I don't have much to say anyway.
Now I think about it, I have to plan my 18th birthday party....okay, my birthday is in two months + 17 days, but I need to find a location~ I still don't know where to celebrate it, because, my home...noo. It's to small for it and I don't want people in there too.....they will just....break stuff. xD

Dunno when I'm going to blog again.....Oh! In march definitely! Aiiish, Miyavi's concert is next month, yay! ♥

...till then, be happy with this last picture. I'm a kawaii neko chan! hahaha....haaa.... .___.''

Bye~ ♥