18 January 2014

Wiiiigs! ♡


I finally got my "christmas" presents, that means that I finally had something to blog about :D

I ordered 3 wigs early in december and I finally got the package on wednesday~

This note is so cute :D

So I bought one black wig with straight hair and straight bangs, and 2 wavy wigs, one in a light brown shade and one in a darker shade.

dark brown
black (really shiny)
light brown

I'm totally in love with the wavy ones. the black one is okay too. ^-^

Also, I did a photoshoot with Kazu today while wearing my favourite wig (the light brown one)
Gosh I love her camera. >////<

My make up~ very simple, just a bit brown eyeshadow and eyeliner~

yup, that's all.

I had lots of fun today, thank you again, cutiepie.

See you soon,

xoxo, Julice