16 December 2013

Long time no see.


uuuuh so much time went by~
I'm sorry that I didn't blog anything at all. I'm soo busy right now, school's very tough, I have to study a lot for my upcoming exams. I'm also writing a lot of applications for a job these days... and my friends keep me busy too.
So what happened these past weeks?

I'm doing my drivers license. Driving is soo fun, but gosh I need to improve. :D Me and my driving teacher always start fights (in a funny way) while I'm driving....he's very exhausting, but sometimes he is nice to me too. :D

Remember when I cried about the ONE OK ROCK concert? I GOT A REPLACEMENT! My sister and I bought us 2 tickets for the upcoming miyavi concert in march! ^-^


I'm soooooo excited! I can't wait to see him, I love miyavi since some time now....nearly 7 years I think. (I'm only 17, don't forget that. :D)

Oh and I've cut my hair~

I decided to get some straigt bangs again. I think it suits me~
And they had to cut the ends because they weren't healthy at all ToT
But I want my hair to grow longerrr....this will take some time, bleh.

The fact that I have bad luck with boys and love still hasn't changed. Seems like being forever alone suits me too.

That's all I think...

Christmas is coming soon... I think I'll blog again that time around. (because I finally have some time for myself then. :D) Nevermind.

Leave some comments, if you like my new haircut or if you're also going to the miyavi concert...
Whatever you like.


( that wasn't agressive at all... :o )

Talk to you guys later~! ♥

xxx, Julice