5 May 2013

Birthdays, whoop whoop


like I said before, the next thing I would blog about is my birthday and kazu's birthday. :)

My birthday was on the 26th april, so now I'm 17 hehe~ ♥
My parents gave me a new computer as my birthday gift~
The day was quite nice, kazu's lessons ended earlier that day and she visited me and stayed for some lessons. ♥
I got this from my class teacher btw. So cute xD :

Kazu finally got to know my awesome korean teacher ! :D After my PE lesson we drove home...

I went to Kazu in the evening and stayed the night at her house. :) We chilled and watched funny videos.  like this one :D :
    Baby I'm your slaaaaaeeeeyyy~ ! ♪♫

ooooh, and I got a present from heer~

The bracelet is sooooo cute. *--*  Oh, I already ate the Lindt-'Hello Just wanna say thank you' chocolate 2 days after I got it xDD The bodycream and the shower gel smell really nice~ I always feel like vanilla pudding after using the bodycream xDDD

We stayed up till midnight cause theeen it was kazu's birthday!! :) So I finally allowed her to open her present.. here it iiis~ :

A totoro! heehee, it's selfmade ! :)

Her Birthday was a busy day for me. :/ We went to the cinema together and watched scary movie 5. It was such a stupid movie xD After that she met up with her family for dinner and I got picked up by my classmate Lena and her boyfriend....Well, and Lena dragged me to a double date I didn't know of.... xD

Dear Lena, someday I'll get my revenge. For sure.

Just kidding, the guy is really nice. thihihi.... :)

We went to the funfair in hameln (I'll NEVER ride those bumper cars ever again! x_x) and then we watched a movie at Lena's boyfriend's place aaand theeen we went to a pub. After that I FINALLY went home. x___x

And yeah, that's it I guess. o.ô
I hope you guys had a great weekend and nice weather, the sun is finally shining here in Germany. ♥

See you later! ♥

xoxo, Julice