17 April 2013

I'm not dead....

Well, here I am....after while....a long, long while.....*cough*

I'm sorry, I wanted to blog earlier this month, but....I don't have anything to blog about! My life is boring as hell. >.<

I didn't do much lately....just worked....went to school....had my weekly meetings with Kazu.....and worked....oh did I mention that I worked?  Haaaaah....I miss the holidays...wait, I didn't had holidays, I also worked on that time!! o.ô
I want some time for myseeeeelf!~ T-T are two things of this month (so far. :D) that could be interesting for you....or not. xD


THIS was soooo funny. I just had one of my random moments and just tweetet a part of the 'troublemaker' song, and one of my followers just sang with me. :D Idk if some of you think now 'ugh, that's not really interesting or important' but to me it was very nice and because of that I had a better mood. :)

I'm not sure if he will read this....but thanks again. This (↑) was just awesome, really. :D


I bought 2 manga's :)))
I looove reading mangas and watching anime, but these two books are actually my first ones that I bought for myself. I only read online or my sisters mangas before... :/
Well, now I have my own books! ^^

that's it already.... (.__.)

But I promise I'll blog again next week, 'cause THEN I have something to blog about. xD And that will be.....

Kazu's birthday and my birthday ! :)

The funny thing is, my birthday is on the 26th and her birthday is on the 27th. xD

Oh, I took this photo after I came home after work. I like it somehow. :)

Awesome hair is awesome. ;D

Soooo, see you next week, then.  :)

xoxo, Julice