10 March 2013

Boring life

Helloo again~

Yes, I know, I didn't blogged for ages. But I was so busy lately. I'm doing an internship (I hope that's the right word xD) right now, so I'm working from 10am till 18:30pm on Mon.,Tues.&Wed., and after that I'M SO TIRED that I'm just going straight to bed... xD
On Thursday and Friday I have to go to school btw. :D
Nothing special happend lately.....exept yesterday.
I met up with Kazu-chan again. She had to perform some songs with her school choir at Hamelin's shopping mall. She didn't really want to do it... xD
It was quite funny when they sang 'Call me maybe' (yes, they had to sing it. xD), the guy who played the keyboard messed up and finished the song too early and all of them were like 'SHIT.' :DDD
But nobody noticed it...except me. :D

After that we went around and waited. Why did we wait? I'll tell you.
The winner of last years 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' (german version of 'American Idol') came to our city and signed some autographs. I've never seen so many 12-14 years old girls before. o.o

This is how he looks like:                       And this is the best photo I took :D :

He looks like a typical sunny boy in my opinion....Bleh.
I don't like him, actually....BUT YES, OF COURSE WE HAD TO TAKE SOME PICTURES, OKAY?. I mean, I usually don't see any celebrities in my hometown, so what? :D

That's all I had to tell you guys, so now I can finally go to bed. I'm so tired again x___x

xoxo, Julice


  1. Ja genau, beschreib den peinlichen Auftritt noch, hahaha XD
    War goil ♥ Müsli Müsli mjamm mjamm mjamm !

    1. Naja, den unangenehmen Teil hab ich ja rausgelassen. :D
      und wie! ♥

  2. Hey ♪ Oh ich hab schon nach der ersten Staffel keinen Bock mehr auf dsds gehabt (nur die castings...;D die sind lustig) aber muss sicher interessant sein, einen 'star' aus der Nähe zu sehen :) Viel Erfolg noch beim Praktikum

    1. Hallu :3
      Haha, jaa, ich guck das eigentlich auch nicht. :D
      Und ja die Erfahrung war sehr....interessant. Überall nur kreischende Mädchen. o.ô
      Oh, Ross Antony war auch mal da, fällt mir grade ein. An den bin ich aber nicht so 'nah' rangekommen. -.- :D
      Daaaanke dir ^-^