24 February 2013

I've dyed my hair + Review


My hair grew a bit and my natural haircolour was showing, so my sister dyed my hair yesterday. They took my old hair dye out of range, that means I had to look for a different hair dye. I chose the new Garnier Olia. (I already bought it a few days ago :>)

Quick info about my hair :
I've always used Garnier hair dye, it works really well with my hair. So I'm satisfied with this brand.

 The hair on top of my head were reeeaaally light and the lengths were a bit darker.....That really pissed me off. :D

I used this hair dye before, but they don't sell it anymore :(
I liked this hair colour very much. It makes me a bit sad that I can't use it anymore. ;(

Back to my 'new' hair colour:

I looked for a shade that matches the colour I have right now. I chose this one :

Yes, I bought 2. I'm always using 2 packages because my hair is soo looong. xD

Consistency : My sister didn't really like the consistency at first, she said it was kind of thick. Plus, she had to fight with my hair because it tangled. :D
But later she said "Oooh, it's easy to spread through the hair evenly. See, I don't need that much hair dye for the rest of your hair.' So I guess the consistency is quite good.

Next, the smell. I didn't smell much actually, which is good in my opinion. (I HATE those strong, chemical smells. -.-'') It's a very nice but light smell.

My sister left my room after she finished and returned 15 mins later. She looked at my hair and said: 'Erm, your hair looks darker....' and I panicked of course. xD

Pictures :

I was kinda depressed because I thought my hair would be darker after I wash the dye out...
I kept the dye for 30-40 Minutes in, then I washed my hair and was relieved~  My hair wasn't darker ^-^

After I washed them :
crappy roomlight ^^''

I blow-dryed my hair and was happy with the result. My reeeaaaally light hair on top of my head is now slightly darker and the lengths are slightly lighter, so my hair has now only one shade. They're not lighter or darker somewhere like before. ^-^
My hair also feels smooth and it's shiny. *^*

It was already dark outside and my roomlight is crappy, so I took some pictures today. This is how my hair looks like now :

idk why, but the light is still crappy, in my opinion. :D

Result & Rating :


I'm very happy with the result. I like the colour, the dye doesn't have a strong smell and my hair isn't too damaged in my opinion. The only thing that bothers me is the price. I mean, nearly 7 € for one pack? I don't earn any money, I only get pocket money from my parents. I don't have much money, okay? xD

I hope this could help you or this was at least a bit interesting. xD

xoxo, Julice