16 December 2013

Long time no see.


uuuuh so much time went by~
I'm sorry that I didn't blog anything at all. I'm soo busy right now, school's very tough, I have to study a lot for my upcoming exams. I'm also writing a lot of applications for a job these days... and my friends keep me busy too.
So what happened these past weeks?

I'm doing my drivers license. Driving is soo fun, but gosh I need to improve. :D Me and my driving teacher always start fights (in a funny way) while I'm driving....he's very exhausting, but sometimes he is nice to me too. :D

Remember when I cried about the ONE OK ROCK concert? I GOT A REPLACEMENT! My sister and I bought us 2 tickets for the upcoming miyavi concert in march! ^-^


I'm soooooo excited! I can't wait to see him, I love miyavi since some time now....nearly 7 years I think. (I'm only 17, don't forget that. :D)

Oh and I've cut my hair~

I decided to get some straigt bangs again. I think it suits me~
And they had to cut the ends because they weren't healthy at all ToT
But I want my hair to grow longerrr....this will take some time, bleh.

The fact that I have bad luck with boys and love still hasn't changed. Seems like being forever alone suits me too.

That's all I think...

Christmas is coming soon... I think I'll blog again that time around. (because I finally have some time for myself then. :D) Nevermind.

Leave some comments, if you like my new haircut or if you're also going to the miyavi concert...
Whatever you like.


( that wasn't agressive at all... :o )

Talk to you guys later~! ♥

xxx, Julice

8 July 2013

spontaneous OOTD


Today is reeaaally nice weather, it's getting hot in germany~
The summer is finally heeeeere! Yay! :D

I wanted to meet up with my friend today but she couldn't come after all. But that's ok, I had too much time and too much fun with my make I thought I could try a ootd-blogentry!
It's my first time doing this kind of thing, haha....

blouse/top, shorts & tights (or "the entire clothes" :D) = Primark

gold eyeshadow~

Can you see my 'love' nails? ^-^

Well, that's it already. I hope you guys had a nice, hot summer day and lots of fun. ^-^
If you like, leave a comment. I'm curious about your opinions or other things you want to say! ♥


5 May 2013

Birthdays, whoop whoop


like I said before, the next thing I would blog about is my birthday and kazu's birthday. :)

My birthday was on the 26th april, so now I'm 17 hehe~ ♥
My parents gave me a new computer as my birthday gift~
The day was quite nice, kazu's lessons ended earlier that day and she visited me and stayed for some lessons. ♥
I got this from my class teacher btw. So cute xD :

Kazu finally got to know my awesome korean teacher ! :D After my PE lesson we drove home...

I went to Kazu in the evening and stayed the night at her house. :) We chilled and watched funny videos.  like this one :D :
    Baby I'm your slaaaaaeeeeyyy~ ! ♪♫

ooooh, and I got a present from heer~

The bracelet is sooooo cute. *--*  Oh, I already ate the Lindt-'Hello Just wanna say thank you' chocolate 2 days after I got it xDD The bodycream and the shower gel smell really nice~ I always feel like vanilla pudding after using the bodycream xDDD

We stayed up till midnight cause theeen it was kazu's birthday!! :) So I finally allowed her to open her present.. here it iiis~ :

A totoro! heehee, it's selfmade ! :)

Her Birthday was a busy day for me. :/ We went to the cinema together and watched scary movie 5. It was such a stupid movie xD After that she met up with her family for dinner and I got picked up by my classmate Lena and her boyfriend....Well, and Lena dragged me to a double date I didn't know of.... xD

Dear Lena, someday I'll get my revenge. For sure.

Just kidding, the guy is really nice. thihihi.... :)

We went to the funfair in hameln (I'll NEVER ride those bumper cars ever again! x_x) and then we watched a movie at Lena's boyfriend's place aaand theeen we went to a pub. After that I FINALLY went home. x___x

And yeah, that's it I guess. o.ô
I hope you guys had a great weekend and nice weather, the sun is finally shining here in Germany. ♥

See you later! ♥

xoxo, Julice

17 April 2013

I'm not dead....

Well, here I am....after while....a long, long while.....*cough*

I'm sorry, I wanted to blog earlier this month, but....I don't have anything to blog about! My life is boring as hell. >.<

I didn't do much lately....just worked....went to school....had my weekly meetings with Kazu.....and worked....oh did I mention that I worked?  Haaaaah....I miss the holidays...wait, I didn't had holidays, I also worked on that time!! o.ô
I want some time for myseeeeelf!~ T-T are two things of this month (so far. :D) that could be interesting for you....or not. xD


THIS was soooo funny. I just had one of my random moments and just tweetet a part of the 'troublemaker' song, and one of my followers just sang with me. :D Idk if some of you think now 'ugh, that's not really interesting or important' but to me it was very nice and because of that I had a better mood. :)

I'm not sure if he will read this....but thanks again. This (↑) was just awesome, really. :D


I bought 2 manga's :)))
I looove reading mangas and watching anime, but these two books are actually my first ones that I bought for myself. I only read online or my sisters mangas before... :/
Well, now I have my own books! ^^

that's it already.... (.__.)

But I promise I'll blog again next week, 'cause THEN I have something to blog about. xD And that will be.....

Kazu's birthday and my birthday ! :)

The funny thing is, my birthday is on the 26th and her birthday is on the 27th. xD

Oh, I took this photo after I came home after work. I like it somehow. :)

Awesome hair is awesome. ;D

Soooo, see you next week, then.  :)

xoxo, Julice

27 March 2013



I just wanted to say that I signed up at bloglovin.
You can now follow me via bloglovin if you want  ^-^

10 March 2013

Boring life

Helloo again~

Yes, I know, I didn't blogged for ages. But I was so busy lately. I'm doing an internship (I hope that's the right word xD) right now, so I'm working from 10am till 18:30pm on Mon.,Tues.&Wed., and after that I'M SO TIRED that I'm just going straight to bed... xD
On Thursday and Friday I have to go to school btw. :D
Nothing special happend lately.....exept yesterday.
I met up with Kazu-chan again. She had to perform some songs with her school choir at Hamelin's shopping mall. She didn't really want to do it... xD
It was quite funny when they sang 'Call me maybe' (yes, they had to sing it. xD), the guy who played the keyboard messed up and finished the song too early and all of them were like 'SHIT.' :DDD
But nobody noticed it...except me. :D

After that we went around and waited. Why did we wait? I'll tell you.
The winner of last years 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' (german version of 'American Idol') came to our city and signed some autographs. I've never seen so many 12-14 years old girls before. o.o

This is how he looks like:                       And this is the best photo I took :D :

He looks like a typical sunny boy in my opinion....Bleh.
I don't like him, actually....BUT YES, OF COURSE WE HAD TO TAKE SOME PICTURES, OKAY?. I mean, I usually don't see any celebrities in my hometown, so what? :D

That's all I had to tell you guys, so now I can finally go to bed. I'm so tired again x___x

xoxo, Julice

24 February 2013

I've dyed my hair + Review


My hair grew a bit and my natural haircolour was showing, so my sister dyed my hair yesterday. They took my old hair dye out of range, that means I had to look for a different hair dye. I chose the new Garnier Olia. (I already bought it a few days ago :>)

Quick info about my hair :
I've always used Garnier hair dye, it works really well with my hair. So I'm satisfied with this brand.

 The hair on top of my head were reeeaaally light and the lengths were a bit darker.....That really pissed me off. :D

I used this hair dye before, but they don't sell it anymore :(
I liked this hair colour very much. It makes me a bit sad that I can't use it anymore. ;(

Back to my 'new' hair colour:

I looked for a shade that matches the colour I have right now. I chose this one :

Yes, I bought 2. I'm always using 2 packages because my hair is soo looong. xD

Consistency : My sister didn't really like the consistency at first, she said it was kind of thick. Plus, she had to fight with my hair because it tangled. :D
But later she said "Oooh, it's easy to spread through the hair evenly. See, I don't need that much hair dye for the rest of your hair.' So I guess the consistency is quite good.

Next, the smell. I didn't smell much actually, which is good in my opinion. (I HATE those strong, chemical smells. -.-'') It's a very nice but light smell.

My sister left my room after she finished and returned 15 mins later. She looked at my hair and said: 'Erm, your hair looks darker....' and I panicked of course. xD

Pictures :

I was kinda depressed because I thought my hair would be darker after I wash the dye out...
I kept the dye for 30-40 Minutes in, then I washed my hair and was relieved~  My hair wasn't darker ^-^

After I washed them :
crappy roomlight ^^''

I blow-dryed my hair and was happy with the result. My reeeaaaally light hair on top of my head is now slightly darker and the lengths are slightly lighter, so my hair has now only one shade. They're not lighter or darker somewhere like before. ^-^
My hair also feels smooth and it's shiny. *^*

It was already dark outside and my roomlight is crappy, so I took some pictures today. This is how my hair looks like now :

idk why, but the light is still crappy, in my opinion. :D

Result & Rating :


I'm very happy with the result. I like the colour, the dye doesn't have a strong smell and my hair isn't too damaged in my opinion. The only thing that bothers me is the price. I mean, nearly 7 € for one pack? I don't earn any money, I only get pocket money from my parents. I don't have much money, okay? xD

I hope this could help you or this was at least a bit interesting. xD

xoxo, Julice